What the Bike Year is about:

Hi, my name is Bill.

A little while ago Steph and I decided to get rid of our car.  Instead, our plan was to mostly ride bikes around.  We thought we would try it out for an entire year.  It would be like an adventure for us.  A sometimes cold, sometimes wet adventure.

This blog is about that.

Here is a picture of us, so you can get an idea of who you are dealing with.

So jump right in!

Off to the side there is some stuff you can read about.  For example, we made a tent for our bike.  Crazy, huh?  you can read about that here.  Also, you might wonder, “what do y’all do when it rains?” Well, we wrote about that, too.  So, click away.  And then follow the blog.  It could be fun.

Good Luck!

– Bill and Steph