Winter is here!

We have an ice rink in our back yard.  Bill and I built it a few weekends ago, and last week, before the temperature dropped, we filled it full of water.  When Grant comes home from school, he puts on his hockey gear and skates for an hour or more.  It is pretty cool to watch.  I haven’t strapped on the skates yet this year, but it is going to happen.  Probably tomorrow.

Skating around our back yard is not something we did in California, where I grew up.

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Grant skating on our back yard rink

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In other news, this past week we put on a Christmas party at our church.  We had to carry a lot of things back and forth from church to our house – Christmas trees, and honey-glazed hams – so we borrowed our friend’s car to cart everything back and forth.  And you know what?  Having a car was great.  Really, really easy and warm.

We dropped the car back off after the party was over, and our friend offered to let us borrow it for a little while longer.  A couple more days, even.  It was tempting, but I said no.  We are only about a hundred days out from completing the bike year, and I don’t want to get too comfortable yet.

Riding in the winter is challenging.  The temperatures really plummeted this past week, and  there is a thin layer of snow and ice over most of the side streets.  I haven’t slipped yet, but Bill did on the way back home from Church.

Bill falling down on the ice is ok.  It happens all the time, actually.  He tells me about it afterwards.  Me falling down – that is a different story.  So I stick to the main streets, and if I am worried about the traction on the road, I don’t ride.

Chrissy still rides too!

Instead, we play hockey in the back yard, and when Bill gets home from work, I send him to get the groceries.

Finally, here is an update on our bike tent.  It rocks.  It keeps the wind off the kids really well, and the sunroof portion of the tent really collects the sun.  Next year we will make a tent that is sewn together instead of duct-taped.  We will put a zipper door on one side as well, and maybe make some bigger windows.  But the proof of concept worked out really well.  Better than I thought it was going to, actually.

Here is a spooky night shot of us riding under the 35W bridge.

And here is a better lit shot of us riding through the neighborhoods on the way to visit some friends.


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