I was born in the winter.

“I am not that cold, because I was born in the winter” Grant says.  He is walking home from the bus stop in shorts.  It is late November, and the temperature is about forty five degrees.

In Minnesota, we call it “The global warming project.”  

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Mississippi River

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It gets cold sometimes though.  A few years ago, when I was finishing up law school, it snowed so much the light rail had to shut down.  It was the second day of finals, and the law school cancelled classes.  A year earlier, when I started law school, they warned us the University would never cancel classes.  

“Even if it snows like crazy,” they told us in orientation.  “You have to plan on coming in, because we never cancel classes.”  

It snowed all night, and when my watch buzzed at five AM, I peeked through the curtains.  White.  “All classes and tests are cancelled at the University of Minnesota.” the radio said.  

“I better go in anyway.” I told Steph.  My feet crunched through the snow almost up to my knees.   My footsteps were all alone in the middle of the street.

A recorded message at the light rail station.  “All trains are cancelled today”    I walked back home, trying to fit my feet back into the same footprints.  It is still dark when I walk back in the house.  I take off my shoes and my coat, and snuggle back into bed with Steph.  

“Yup.” I said, “looks like classes are cancelled.”  

Steph rolls over.  “Good.” she says, “Maybe we can go cross country skiing tonight.”


We did go cross country skiing.  We parked just south of the Minnehaha falls, and skied down the hill into the unorganized territory of Fort Snelling..  Turned around underneath the Mendota Bridge.  

When we came back up, our car had a parking ticket on it.  

“A parking ticket!” Steph said, “We couldn’t even reach the meter!” Steph is right.  The parking meter is buried under four feet of snow.  In order to drop a quarter in, you would have had to have crampons and an ice axe.

I just want to pause here to let you know am amazed at Steph.  She is a natural at whatever thing she tries.  She is from the LA area in California.  She had never skied until she and I moved to Minnesota.  Basically, we started skiing at the same time.  But when I am skiing, I am all sticks and tips.  I think I fell down eight times that night.  Steph glides through the snow.  Her ski tracks are parallel lines.

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Where I spent my first 17 years…

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When we get home I take off my boots, and collapse on the couch.    

“I think I am going to make some rice krispy treats.” Steph says.  

“I am going to take a shower.” I said.  I took a long shower.  When I came back out Steph was holding the pan of rice krispy treats in the kitchen.

“I think my water just broke.’ Steph said.  

And the next day Grant was born.


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So proud of him!

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