Christmas is here!


I am sitting down writing this the late night before Christmas Eve, and Steph and I are putting the finishing touches on the Christmas day celebrations.  All of the kids are sleeping, and there are just four of us left awake.  Mom, Dad, Steph and I.  We are making the “gumdrop village” which is a tradition in our family.  In the morning, when the kids wake up, the kitchen table will be covered in delicious sweets, artfully arranged.  Right now we are artfully arranging the candies.

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The survivors. Stay strong Steens!

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This year we may have gone too far.  Chocolates.  Gum drops.  Cinnamon bears.  Candy canes.  Chocolate covered cherries.  In addition, for the health conscious, we have massive cinnamon rolls.

“The key to eating a healthy diet” Steph says, “Is meal prep.”  Then Steph paints the roll dough with butter, sugar, and cinnamon.  Later, when the rolls are baked off, we will drizzle them with white frosting.  

Dad is sitting down next to me, fiddling with his apple watch to see how he can get it to count his steps.

“Look at this” Dad says, “You can get this app, which will tell you how many steps you have taken.”

Dad shows me his phone, which has different colored bars representing how many steps he has taken every day this week.  Since I was sitting on the computer anyway, I checked the Google machine to see how many steps people take on average, in these here united states of america.  The answer is 4,774 – which is, in fact, a number.  Most experts agree.

Google also noted that most other civilized countries actually take more steps than that.   In China, for example, people take on average seven thousand steps a day.  But it that really a fair comparison?  We are so fat here in the states, each of our steps probably should count for a bit more.  I mean, that is a lot of weight to carry around.

Good Lord.


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