Yuba El Mundo Review

The Yuba El Mundo is a soft and plushy dreamliner of a bicycle.  It holds everything you could want on a bike, and it rides buttery smooth – even loaded down.  Plus, if you use the battery sparingly, you can go on some epic-length family adventures.  

This past summer we took the El Mundo out on a camping trip.  I think the correct term is Bikepacking.  We rode thirty miles to the campsite, and then thirty miles back.  I was a little worried because there was not any electricity available at the campsite, but that turned out to not be a problem.  At the end of the ride, the Yuba still had over half of a charge left.

The key to heroic battery life is that you do not always use the battery.  For example, we only used the battery when we went up hills, or when we had to get started quickly from a dead stop – like when we were crossing a busy intersection.  When we used the battery that way, it easily lasted sixty miles over two days.  Probably could have gone longer, but everyone was getting pretty tired.

And bike camping with the El Mundo is easy-peasy.  The cargo bike is especially helpful when you are bringing kids who have their own bikes they want to ride.  Darcy, who is four, is just learning how to ride a pedal bike.  She is good for five miles, but not the whole thirty.  However, with the Yuba, there was no problem – when Darcy got tired we just threw her bike on the trailer, and she hopped on the back of the Yuba.  

The Yuba rides like a normal bike without the electricity turned on, and doesn’t seem to wobble under a load.  I can stand up on hills, for example, and the front end stays real solid – even with hundreds of pounds of gear and people strapped on the front and back.  

Basically, the El Mundo is an exploration machine.  Minneapolis has bike paths that run from South Minneapolis, where we live, all the way up to the Weber Pool, in North Minneapolis.  Further north that that, even.  You can ride all the way to Duluth if you want to.  There are a couple of great bike highways as well – the Greenway, the Kenilworth Trail, and West River Road to name a few. 

This past summer we have taken the El Mundo all over Minneapolis, oftentimes riding home just as the sun was setting at 9:30 at night.  Steph and I are slightly sunburnt, completely tired out, and riding slowly.  We are chatting about the crazy adventures of the day, and scheming about what new thing to try out the next day.  Darcy and Lewis are sleeping in the back, and Grant is riding in front of us, his tail light blinking in the dusk.  

And sometimes, cruising down the Kenilworth trail, there is little a lull in the conversation.  Steph rides her bike closer to mine, and she reaches out and gives my hand a little squeeze.  Letting me know that everything is just great today, and that tomorrow is going to be pretty swell too.   

So, yeah.  I like the bike.  Instant classic.

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