What kind of gear do you use for the winter?

What kind of gear do you use for the winter?

On the cold days, I wear long sleeves, a long sleeved jersey I got on discount about eight years back, my puffy vest from Target, and the black rain jacket that Steph got me.  The long sleeved jersey is yellow and gray, with three pockets in the back where I can store my stuff.

To keep my legs warm I wear the bib shorts I bought from Cycletherapy about four years ago, plus the running tights that I stole from my brother Dave when he and I were both in college.  The running tights have zippers on the lower calf – but the zippers are broken so they kind of flop open a bit.  Gives me a sort of bell-bottom look.  Classic.

Fortunately, I solve the bell-bottom problem by wearing thick wool socks pulled up around the outside of my tights to hold them in place.  Steph has some nice pink socks that I can steal, but if I can’t find those, I have some gray ones my folks gave my for Christmas in 2007.

Steph’s socks do not have holes in them, so I prefer to steal Steph’s socks.

Usually, though, I can’t find a matching pair of warm, wool socks, so I will head out of the house with one gray, and one pink, or maybe just one pink, and the other leg unsocked.  In our house we have two laundry baskets full of unmatched socks.  Every so often Steph and I will put on a movie and match socks all night long, but that hasn’t happened recently.

I also have a pair of shoecovers from 2005, and 2009 – one of each.  The left shoecover is really nice – high quality waterproof material with Velcro closure in the back.  The Velcro doesn’t work anymore, because it is from 2005, and has gone through twelve long winters.   Plus, the shoecover is full of holes on the bottom, and the reflective piping on the back does not light up anymore.  Come to think of it, the piping might not even be there. I think it got pulled off in 2015.

No matter – it keeps my left toes nice and warm.

I stole the right shoecover from Steph.  It is black with a blue Nike swoosh on the side of it, with a zipper on the back.  The zipper does not fit around my massive foot – it was designed for a dainty woman’s road shoe – but that is ok, a zipper that does not work kind of matches with Velcro that does not work on the other side.

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On my hands I wear thick, high quality mits, purchased just last year.  Thank you Steph!

On my face I wear a flimsy face-sock that has the Schwan’s logo on it.  I think you call them face-socks.  It is like a tube that you pull over your face.  It works kind of like a bandanna.  Maybe you call it a neck-gaiter?  I do not know.  I saw a whole box of them at my work, and someone had written “free – take one!” on the side of the box.  So I took like eight of them, and when it gets really cold I wear two of them.  They are red, with little swans.

I actually really like wearing neck gaiters.  Even when it is not that cold outside I like putting them on because then my nose stays nice and toasty warm.  Steph does not like it, because she says that when I walk around with a neck gaiter on I look like someone with social disabilities.

I also wear two hats.  I have a thin blue hat that sucks up sweat pretty well, and then a thick gray wool hat that is classic, and makes me look like a crab fisherman from that show “the most dangerous catch” on the Outdoor channel.  Or maybe it was the Nat Geo channel.  Who knows? I have never seen the show.  I just imagine I look like one of those guys.

Anyway, with the neck gaiter on, I look like a crab fisherman who is also a pirate.  Or a cowboy.

And that is it.

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