What do you do when it rains (Part 3)

The city of Minneapolis has loads of great bike paths.  I used to tell people it was fifty miles of bike paths, but that is low.  There are tons of great paths everywhere.

I went to the dentist this past Monday.  As I was riding down Lyndale, I saw Steph coming in the other direction.  We both stopped at the same red light, but on different sides of the street.
“Hey!” I shouted across the traffic, “I am going to the dentist!”  Then I smiled real big and pointed to my teeth.
“Flash flood warning!” Steph shouted back.  And then the light turned green and she and pedaled towards home.
“Flash flood warning?”

On the way to the dentist’s I got just a little bit wet.  The rain was coming down like a heavy mist.  It was turning my gray pants much darker gray, but you couldn’t see the individual drops.  Just overall getting wetter.  Cruising down France I passed some sprinklers that were malfunctioning.  They were shooting water into the side of the road.  I noticed them as I rode on past.

“Blast!”  I said.  If it had been really raining, I would not have even noticed.  That is how you can tell if it is really raining.  If you do not care that sprinklers are shooting you, then you know it is really raining.

When I got in to the dentist’s office they were thrilled to see me.
“Hey!” the receptionist said, “I saw you in the paper!”  They asked me autograph the article.  I think they asked me as a joke, and did not expect me to actually autograph the newspaper.  But I signed it anyway.  I will only be famous once, so, you know.

Here is my family before one of our camping trips this year.  Steph looks so proud standing in front of us. 

On the way home from the dentist’s office, I got ridiculously and outrageously sopping wet.  Mysocks were squelching in my shoes.  My pants were tight against my legs.  My hair was plastered to my head.  But I was doing all right, though.  There is a process you go through.  Let me explain.

Still in the dentist’s office and staring outside at the rain, I was feeling pretty miserable about what I was about to go through.  “What a trainwreck” I remember thinking, “Why do you always do this?  You can just get a car like a normal person.  What is your deal, Brodegard?”

Then, riding a couple of blocks away from the dentist’s office, I felt a little bit better.  “Hey, there are those sprinklers again!  I wonder if I can dodge them?” I couldn’t dodge them, but it didn’t matter.

Then, a couple of blocks after that I was cool.  “It is just like riding a bike normally.” I thought, “What is the difference, really?*”

By the end of the ride, I was in a pretty good mood.  Steph saw me ride up from the kitchen, and met me at the back door.

“Wait a minute!” she said “I will take your picture!”

Getting wet is like dying.  Once you are completely wet you don’t care, but getting wet is lousy.

Darcy and Lewis.  The champs.

*The difference is, when you normally finish a bike ride and go to sit on a couch, you do not feel self-conscious at all.  But when you ride a bike in the rain, and you sit on a couch, your butt makes a wet squooshing sound, and everybody looks at you.

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