Do you have any questions?

Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of fun things to write about.  Do y’all have any things you would like to know about?  About the bike year, I mean?

For instance, why do you wear that huge hat around?  Don’t you realize it is not fashionable?

If you have some questions, you can leave them in the comments section.  Or you can email me, I guess.  My email is

5 thoughts on “Do you have any questions?”

  1. If you haven't answered it, I'd love to get your thoughts on Burley safety. I once saw a Burley (with kid) get knocked over by a car outside of Target in Midway. The car stopped in time so the little girl fell out but was fine. I've been pretty wary to put our 1 yr old twins in the Burley ever since.

  2. I’m curious about how bikeable your town is. Are the roads/trails bike friendly to get to the grocery store, library, etc., or are there any narrow, treacherous roads that impose limits on getting around?

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