Six months in

Well gang, we are six months in!

When Steph and I got rid of the car, we imagined that it would be  a spectacular summer, followed by a really tough winter.  We wanted to do the summer part first so we would not wuss out immediately because of the freezing cold temperatures.

Here is an action shot, about half way back.  Nobody has showered, and Grant and James have about 45 miles on their legs.  The champs.

And it has been a spectacular summer.  We have ridden on many of the great trails here in the cities, and even gone bike-camping twice.  Just last weekend we went camping, actually.  Grant rode the whole way – thirty miles to the campsite, and then home again.  We went with the Kannas family.  We have been riding with the Kannas’ for a couple of years now, and they are just about perfect friends.

Winter is on its way though.  Steph and I have put together a bit of a cover for the back of the bike.  Here is a picture of what we have so far.

The idea is that we will cover the blue pex tubes with tent like material.  maybe add a zipper door or something.  who knows.  It will be adventuresome.

2 thoughts on “Six months in”

    1. Thanks Kelly! Steph came up with the design. But we ripped it off something we found on the internets. So if the longtail companies ever gave us money for it, we would have to share it around to others!

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