You cannot put just any picture in a blog

Grant, last September.  

This blogging thing is a new thing for me.  Got a lot to learn.  Here is what Steph says:

Steph: “Bill, you should not just put any picture on a blog.  Instead, you should put good pictures on the site.  And ones that make sense.”

Steph has a good point.  I post pictures that do not really have anything to do with what is going on in the text part of the blog.  I also put up the pictures that I took, which are a little bit out of focus, and not framed well.

Here is an example of a picture I took, (a selfie) which I considered to be a great addition to the ‘ol blog.

Open your eyes, Brodegard.  You are on a bicycle.

I am on a bicycle, cruising down a great path near Fort Snelling.  I am smiling because the trees are just starting to bud, and I am delighted by the poetry of the moment.  I am repeating Robert Frost in my mind: “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”  Romantic.

A couple of problems with this picture: You can’t see the bicycle, you can’t see the path, and you can’t see the buds on the trees.  Instead, you see a huge head superimposed on a brownish greenish background, the whole thing being slightly out of focus.

I am not bothered by this.  In my mind, the casual reader of the blog would say: “Oh, yes!  Fort Snelling!  So pretty in the springtime!  I should go ride my bike there!”

But Steph knows casual readers do not think that when they see the above picture.  Instead, readers think:  “That man is a crazy man, and has an unusually large head.  Also, it kind of looks like that man’s teeth are misaligned with his massive nose.  How about we go to a different blog, where we can see a picture of someone doing yoga on a sunset beach?”

Here is a helpful hint:  If you are into athletic people doing yoga on a sunset beach, you should not bookmark this blog.  You will always be let down.

Here is a shocking secret: I kind of like awkward pictures.  I agree they are ungainly, and do not always make sense in the context of what I am writing, but they those characteristics also make them feel honest-ish.  To me.  Not completely honest, but closer than a yoga beach.

This is an out of focus photo of a puffy vest superimposed on a pretty blue sky.  The sky is blue though, and you can see the buds on the trees.  Steph will most likely ask me to take this picture down.  Honestly,  I have no idea how this photo was taken.  

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