The private opera demonstration.

These people on the ends really sing great.

Steph and I went on a date on Friday.  We went to a private opera demonstration.  I am sure there is a better name for it, but I do not know it.  There were a couple of amazing opera singers (operatics? operadores?) who were in town for some fancy opera, and they put on a private show, where they sang all of opera’s greatest hits in a small auditorium in a fancy church.  Steph and I scored tickets, and so we were pumped to go.

We were right to be stoked.  The operatics were really, really good.  They were super enthusiastic and mouthed out the words like they were tasting them –  feeling around the consonants with their lips before belting them out into the auditorium with shocking force. You could tell they were singing hard because the one guy’s eyes were kind of bugging out a bit, and also because it was really loud.  In a good way.

Before each song the opera singers said stuff like, “we will now sing this classic opera aria, that I am sure all of you know..” and then they would sing something, and I would clap enthusiastically because it was the very first time I had ever heard the tune.  This happened like twelve times.  Every song minus one.  The only one I actually recognized was “The Sound of Music” from that classic movie, entitled “The Sound of Music.”  The movie may have also been based on an opera, aptly named “The Sound of Music”  but I do not know that. Pure speculation.

Here is an important note: I think “aria” means “song” in opera.

The whole thing was free, except for the baby-sitter and the ice cream beforehand.  So, when I mean “free” I actually mean, $55.00.    Totally worth it though.  For comparison: “Wicked” – another opera – is in town, and Steph and I checked out ticket prices because we wanted to see the show, and the cheapest tickets in the nosebleed section were over $200 a pop.  Plus the babysitter, and maybe some icecreams, and we are closing in on a $500 date.

Here is another important note:  It could be called “Wicked Expensive” (get it?  because “Wicked” the opera, is also really expensive…)

Steph and I went to Milkjam, a scoop shop near lake street.  super good ice cream.  I had a double cone; toasted coconut and  “Uma Thurman”.  Zesty.

Anyway, Steph and I got to see these operators in a small auditorium in a fancy church, and we even got to take pictures with them after the show.

Also, it is possible that “Wicked” is not an opera.  Which is cool, and, if that is the case, I knew that.  I was just testing you.

Another fun part of the night was riding bikes to the fancy church.  It was in downtown Minneapolis, which is really fun to ride through at night.  And, to me, it was a little bit romantic riding through the streets with Steph whirring along beside me.  Sure do love Steph.

One of the things people would ask about when they found out I never had a car during college was how I dated people.  Asking someone out and then showing up on a bicycle was not really that embarrassing, just as long as you never compared yourself against anybody else, and you didn’t think about it that hard.

One of my buddies had a tandem bike, and I used that a lot.  Or I would borrow a extra bike from someone else and we’d go for a fun ride.  Or we would wal
k to the movies.  Me not having a car never actually came up.  While I was present.

But with Steph, it was never a problem at all.  In a way, I think she even admired me for it.

Sure do love Steph.

Here is Steph riding the babysitter home at the end of the night.  Randy’s truck is in the driveway.  We had the keys.  But Steph is hardcore like the hardcore.  Classic.

2 thoughts on “The private opera demonstration.”

  1. So that "girl opera singer" is my old friend from Fort Collins, Maria (and having a name like that she has to sing Sound of Music). Glad you guys got to hear her sing because as you now know, WOW! I enjoy reading about your adventures, you two were always ready and excited for any crazy challenge!

    1. No way! Small world! Her parents actually live 6 blocks away from us in Minneapolis. I hadn't met Maria until that night, but she seemed very fun, and I really enjoyed her singing. That's so fun you are friends with her. Miss you!

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