The bikes of Minnehaha

The Science Museum Goldfish.

The Minnehaha bike path crosses Lyndale about three blocks south of our house.  In the future there will be a slick bike path that cuts underneath the Lyndale bridge, and on towards lake Harriet, but for now bikers have to ride up to Lyndale, and then wait for the light.  All kinds of bikers, and all kinds of bikes.  I decided to interview one of them for our blog.

Tom, the touring expert,
rides a steel frame Lemond.

Tom rides up on a sweet steel frame Lemond.   I wave at him from the light.

“Hey,” I say, “I am interviewing people for my bike blog.  Could I interview you?”  

Tom rides over.  “Sure, but my wife is cooking dinner, so you gotta be fast.”

“Ok.”  I say.

Now is the time I am supposed to ask a question, but nothing comes to mind.  I should have written some questions down beforehand. Blast!

“Right” I say, “that sure is a sweet bike you have!”
(Not a question.)

“Yeah, it is great for commuting, and bike touring.”

“You do bike touring!” (here is something I know about!  All right!)  “Where have you gone?”

Tom has sunglasses that reflect my face.  “I have done loads of bike tours.  I would be here all night if I tried to explain them all to you.   I have a website – Everything is written down there.”  (It is a pretty cool site  You should check it out.)

There is a moment of silence.  Tom looks at me expectantly.  I dredge up another question from the deep pool of blankness that is my mind.

“How long have you been riding bikes on this trail?”

“I am 65 years old, and I have been riding on this trail my whole life.  I grew up here.  I don’t know how many years that is… ever since there was a trail here, I have been riding it.”

The light turns green.

“Ok. Thanks Tom!”  I put away my pen, and close my notebook.  I have three notes written down.

“- Tom, 65”
“- grew up here”
“- touring –”

Tom looks at me incredulously.

“No more questions?”

Tom, you are right.  I should have more questions, but I don’t, and your dinner is waiting.

Next time I will write some questions down.

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