All kinds of bikes

We stopped at this place called “SSS Dude Nutz” which is a play on the word “Doughnuts.”
Good Doughnuts.  Baked.  But they should have thought the name over a little more before making the sign.

Steph and I went for a bike ride with about fifty cyclists today.  About 50/50 jeans/spandex ratio, with bikes ranging from $2,500 to “free on the side of the road.” The bike ride was part of a thing that Minneapolis is doing, called 30 days of bike.  You are supposed to ride every day in April.

Steph and I have not ridden every day, but we came close.  I think Steph missed one day because of ridiculous amounts of rain, and because I stole her bike lock.

In celebration of thirty days of bike, Perennial Cycle puts on a group ride every Saturday in April.  Perennial buys pastries, maps out a course, has ride leaders, a raffle, and even a traveling boom box strapped on the back of a Surly Big Dummy to deliver inspirational tunes.  The pace is about 9 miles per hour with plenty of stops and doughnuts.  Not exactly a fitness oriented ride, but super fun.

Grant did not want to go at first.  He was busy watching “Homeward Bound” on the TV downstairs, and the cat had just gotten separated from the dogs in the river – you remember.  Grant was very concerned about the animals getting back together.  Even after we explained there were going to be doughnuts at the end of the ride, Grant was still hesitant.

“Cats can’t swim.” Grant explained.
“You can put the movie on pause.” Steph said.  And then she put the movie on pause herself, just to show Grant how it was done.  I went outside to get the bikes ready.

The bike ride was heavenly.   Cool breeze, delightful path through the city, and lots and lots of bikers to talk with.

Steph rode up next to a guy with a bike tattoo on his ankle.  “Can I take a picture of your tattoo?” Steph asks.  He and Steph start a conversation about tattoos and biking.  After they are done, Steph rides alongside me again and looks at me meaningfully.

“Do you think you could draw that on my leg?”

Steph, I love you.  Find me a sharpie.

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