A grim and dangerous situation

This is the situation we faced.  Grim.  Also, if you look closely, the apple has a bruise on the top.  Even more grim.

It is Saturday night, and I forgot to get bananas, and it is 11:00 PM.  Tomorrow is Sunday, which is the day the Lord has decreed that people should not buy bananas.  It says so in Exodus, which is a book in the Bible.

I was downstairs watching a sweet TV program on how some people built their house too close to a cliff, and then the cliff was going to wash away in 60 years and they might lose their house.  The people who built the house were fifty years old.

So they really weren’t that worried.

Anyway, when I came back upstairs, Steph reminded me that I was supposed to get some bananas.

Here is how I would have solved that problem in the past:  I would just drive the car to the store and pick up bananas.  Be home in time so that Moses was not offended.  Here is how I handled the problem now:  “Steph,” I say, “I will pick up some bananas on Monday.”  Secretly I know that I will be at work on Monday, and Steph will be the one who will pick up the bananas.

This is an example of me being a wussy.

“Yes,” Steph says, “We have plenty of food.”  And she looks meaningfully at an opened package of girl scout cookies.

Steph and I have been car-free for six days, and our house has a shocking lack of bananas in it, and a surplus of girl scout cookies.  I think this is because 1) girl scout cookies are delicious, and 2) you do not need to go to the store to buy girl scout cookies.  Little girl scouts in brown uniforms bring them by with their moms, and sell them to you at your door.

Maybe the girl scouts could put together a plan where they sell nutritious and well-balanced meals door to door. Including bananas.

Dear me.  I need to be less of a wussy.  I am going to get some bananas.

See ya.


OK.  I am back now, and I feel 7% less wussy.  It has been a great night.

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