25 days and going strong

Grocery shopping last week. Darcy got tired of counting sheep (not sure why that box says that, but it’s funny cause she fell asleep).  

This is Steph writing. It has almost been a month since our car drove away (25 days to be exact). Do I miss it? No, I don’t. Infact, this last month has flown by and I’m hoping time slows down a little bit. I want this adventure to last!  But that doesn’t mean I don’t think about the car…

Last night I had to ride home with the kids in the rain. It was about 45 degrees and pouring buckets. I have been colder and wetter in my life, I just don’t remember when. But it’s funny, because in the first 10 seconds of getting drenched I thought of how I used to dislike getting wet just running out to get into the car. You know, it’s pouring so you are trying to hurry, but you have to carry three bags and two babies, plus an umbrella. You try to hold the umbrella while you throw kids in, but you end up wet anyways, and then you shove the wet umbrella in your car and shut the door as fast as you can, praying it lets up before you arrive at your destination so your hair doesn’t get even frizzier. So, if anything, this adventure has given me a little more perspective and gratitude. Everyone could use a little of that every once in awhile, right?

Other than getting wetter when it rains, our lives have not changed that much. We still have been able to get everywhere we normally go. The kids have been great too! “I wish we had our car back” has only come out of Grant’s mouth a couple times this past month (he probably misses the car more than me). But don’t feel too bad for the guy- he rides a bus twice a day đŸ˜‰

If weather is nice and we leave on time, this is how we roll to church on Sunday. 

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