Top Three for Car Free

Here are the top three reasons we are getting rid of our car for one year:
Adventure Every time I think of a really cool adventure that Bill and I can do together, it somehow involves bicycles…. Weird… Let’s be honest though, I think this is a crazy idea and part of me is not up for the challenge. I might have well said, let’s give up our Refrigerator, or indoor plumbing for a year! Sure, it is possible, but who in their right mind would do that?! So there you have it, I am a normal person (who likes cars) and do not give myself an 100% chance I will make it the full year; But that is part of the adventure! Seeing if we can do it- rising up to the challenge!We will get flat tires, we will get tired/dirty/wet/cold/hot, we will be late and we will have helmet hair almost everyday, but through it all I hope to have little adventures that add up to one big memory of something great that we did together.
Financial- There is a financial motivation as well. No car payment, no car insurance, gas, oil changes, etc. A pretty good chunk of money every month saved.
Environment We love the earth! We should probably be doing more than recycling, using LED light bulbs, peeing in the shower and riding bicycles, but that is our current contribution to the planet.

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