Most Frequent Trips

Picture from our ride across USA in 2009

We don’t drive that much…well I guess we do because somehow we have 64,000 miles on our car that is 3.5 years old. But all of the places that we go to frequently are within a 5 mile radius of our house. And living in south Minneapolis, there is a ton of stuff within biking and walking distance. So below are all the places we go to most:

1. Grocery Store (4 blocks)- Though the closest grocery store is just down the street, it is one of the most expensive and I don’t shop there frequently. Where I go is Cub (1.6 miles), Target (4.4 miles) and Aldi (2.7 miles). Those are all reasonable distances to bike, although I know I will be going to target a lot less this year.  Also, there are endless of other ways to get your groceries, without even leaving your house:,,, Instacart, meal delivery services like Blue Apron…and the list goes on. So conclusion is, I am not concerned at all about being able to keep our home fully stocked with groceries without a car.

2. School (1/2 mile)- Grant is the only one in school right now and his school is only 1/2 mile away and you can take the bike path the whole way there. Best part is he actually takes the bus to school and back 95% of the time.

3. Church (2 miles)- Church is 9am every Sunday. Somehow we are always scrambling to get out the door
on time, whether we are riding or driving. Good news is, if I ride fast, we are there in 7 minutes! (I’m pretty sure driving takes 5 minutes)

4. Playground (4 blocks)- We pretty much live at the playground when the weather is above 55 degrees. Thankfully we live in one of the best playground/park cities in the US. They really are all over the place!

5. Gym (2.5 miles)- This one does get interesting, and might change quite a bit in the next year. I usually go to the gym 4-5 times a week by car. If I am out on my bike a lot more, I will have less need for a gym membership. But when weather is bad and we get cooped up for days, I’m probably gonna wish I could go to the gym. Hmmm, what to do? I think I’ll figure this one out as we go.

6. Library (3 blocks)- We go to library weekly to check out new books for the family. I’m so glad it is down the street. Added bonus-it also has a great kid play area and kid story time!

7. Bike Trail (2 blocks)- We live just 2 blocks from the Minnehaha Creek bike trail. It is part of the Grand Rounds bike system of Minneapolis.

8. Bike Store (5 blocks)- Closest bike shop is just a few blocks away, but there are so many around here to choose from!

9. Bill’s work (9 miles)- You are probably wondering why this one came in 9th place on the list? That’s because I forgot about it until just now! Bill has been riding his bike to work since I met him. In fact, I think he has been riding his bike everywhere since he was 16 years old. He did not even own a car when we got married. We have always been a one car family and he has always rode his bike to work, so nothing really changes in this department.

10. Other- Restaurants, hardware store, Goodwill and more. Again, there is so much in south Minneapolis that you can ride or walk to. As far as doctor visits, dentist appointments, emergencies or vacations, we have lots of friends and neighbors with cars. Also there is a rental car company just a 1/2 mile away. And then there’s public transit and Uber.

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