Day One- March 27, 2017

Mom is super happy to have a new car, and is showing it off, hand nonchalantly draped on the windshield.  Dad is kind of embarrassed he is taking our car, and is probably thinking “If only I had given Bill better life guidance, he would be able to make good decisions.”

Bill’s parents are awesome for so many reasons, and I love them to pieces! They are so supportive, and even though our adventure is borderline crazy, they agreed to go along with our plans.  They flew to Minneapolis so they could drive our car back to their home in Utah. That way we still have a car, but won’t be using it anytime soon.

When it came to our car, a few people gave us some alternative suggestions, like “why don’t you just park it in your garage?” Nope, too tempting. “Maybe take the tires off, or put it up on blocks” No, it just seems easier for our parents to use it for the next year. Plus, we got a short visit from them, which we always love!

As they drove away, there were some emotions for sure…but no tears. My mind flashed “oh boy, what did you just do?!” a couple of times, but I was able to stay calm and realize everything is going to be fine. Heck, it will be more than fine, it will be an adventure! So here we go!

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